E-commerce SEO In Nepal - A Quick Guide

What is E-commerce SEO?


E-commerce SEO is the process of improving the rank of your online business in search engines. Moreover, it is a way to know how your customers search for the product you sell and optimize the pages on your website accordingly. 


An e-commerce business is highly dependent upon customers and the product. Acquiring customers and forming a bond with them is essential for e-commerce. Your e-commerce store might have the item the customer needs, but there isn’t any traffic on your site. Well, then, it is time to optimize your site.


Any merchant who wants to increase sales and attract clients from all around the world may benefit from E-commerce SEO services. 


Many E-commerce businesses were formed due to the COVID epidemic, particularly in Nepal. With digital marketing via e-commerce, the shuttered brick-and-mortar stores retained consumers and revenues. Companies specialize their digital marketing staff in E-Commerce SEO to stay on top of results.

Strategies for E-commerce SEO to outrank your competitors


E-commerce SEO involves various steps to implement and be on top of the competition. Here are some quick and effective strategies you can implement for your business.


Keyword Research


Keywords are the terms that a user searches in the search engine. For any SEO campaign, it is necessary to know about the keywords that people are searching for related to your business. For an E-commerce website, the first stage is to identify product keywords that define what your e-commerce company sells.


For an E-commerce website, most keywords are likely related to product and category searches. Thus, it is necessary to optimize these pages properly.


Most keyword research strategies for e-commerce websites should focus on commercial keywords that can trigger the buying intent. You can use different keyword research tools to find the required keywords. You can also check out the search term for your product from the biggest e-commerce platforms like Daraz, Amazon, etc. 

Website architecture optimization


Site architecture is the essential technical SEO factor for any E-commerce website. An optimized website architecture is needed for an e-commerce website for the following reasons.


  • Optimized site architecture helps Google crawl all product and category pages well.
  • It will increase the chance of the pages being indexed on Google.
  • Optimized web architecture will allow users to navigate the site properly.


While creating an e-commerce website, it is necessary to consider that users need only three or fewer clicks to visit the product page or buy the product from the homepage. All pages should be three or fewer clicks away from your homepage to make it easy for search engines to index your site (essential for ranking) and to maintain link authority.


Proper On-Page SEO optimization


On-Page SEO includes optimizing the website contents, title and meta description, keyword implementation, etc. For an e-commerce website, optimizing the title and meta description by including proper keywords related to the product and categories is necessary. The character count for the title should be around 60 characters and 120 characters for the meta description. 


The on-page optimization also includes the proper use of heading tags. When you add content in a header tag, you're signaling to Google that this text is significant, and Google will use this to assess the context of the page, which helps Google give up relevant results to searchers' queries.


For an e-commerce website, images play a major role in various aspects. While working on the On-Page optimization, images should also be optimized. Large images on product pages are a typical cause of slow-loading e-commerce pages. Next-generation image formats (such as PNG and WebP) can help you keep your picture file sizes minimal without compromising too much quality.


While performing the image optimization, it is better to use a filename that represents the image. It helps search engines understand what the image is about. Using proper alternative text or alt text is a major factor in image optimization. Just like the filename, alt text helps Google understand what the image is about.


Technical SEO optimization


Technical SEO is the most crucial factor for any website that performs SEO. In the case of e-commerce websites, technical SEO plays a vital role. An e-commerce website contains thousands of pages of products. You can check out the technical issues in your website from the Google Search Console. 


This report indicates if Google has discovered any technical SEO issues that may be affecting your Google rankings. You can also have information on why the pages are not indexed.


If you want a more in-depth report, you can also perform SEO audits of your website using Screaming frog and Semrush site audit features. The audit report will show you the following technical issues:


  • Duplicate Contents
  • Broken pages
  • Broken images and links
  • Page load speed
  • Page containing larger javascript and CSS files


E-commerce SEO Link Building


Links are still among Google's top three ranking criteria; therefore, link building should be part of every e-commerce SEO plan. These are some of the most effective link-building strategies in e-commerce SEO.


  • Guest Posting

According to a recent SemRush survey, guest posting is still one of the most successful link development techniques in SEO. When working on guest posting, remember that the information you publish should be beneficial to the audience and not merely to earn links.


  • Steal competitor’s backlink

E-commerce is a place where there are a large number of competitors. While working on the backlink, you can check the sites that give backlinks to the competitor site using tools like SemRush and ahrefs. From here, you can provide your links to those sites.


  • Links from suppliers and distributors

If you are a reseller or retail e-commerce business, contact the supplier or distributor that curates listings that inform customers where they may purchase the items. Then, request for your website to be included as well. It is a simple technique to obtain an authoritative backlink.


What is the importance of E-commerce SEO for business in Nepal?


The e-commerce business in Nepal skyrocketed after the 2020 pandemic. The lockdown duration brought up many E-commerce startups with unique and appealing products. Moreover, the only secure digital transaction for the consumers was the e-commerce platform. From groceries to accessories, people started purchasing online. The trend of online shopping turned out to be the easiest and most trusted medium even after the pandemic.


According to the sources (2019/20), 85,13, and 2 percent of eCommerce users prefer Cash Delivery, Digital payment portals, and debit and credit cards, respectively. This transaction suggests a good amount of eCommerce and an increase in the number of brands using eCommerce. 


To excel in any e-commerce business, more than just social media and a website is required. Your business needs to have a better presence on Google, also. To improve visibility, marketing, and sales, you must have a result-driving SEO strategy for e-commerce in Nepal. Implementing a proper SEO strategy on your e-commerce website will drive in customers and let you know your competitors. 


E-commerce SEO in Nepal looks to be vital and must be reinforced for companies to have a higher ranking, more online sales, and give ease to customers while not infringing "new normals" norms.


Many digital companies in Nepal have been working hard to offer high-performing content and rule supreme in eCommerce in a certain niche. With increased quality and number of eCommerce Websites created by eCommerce SEO gurus and other professionals, eCommerce in Nepal is expected to develop in the upcoming years.


Why choose Rewa Soft for E-commerce SEO in Nepal?


Rewa Soft is a well-established company  providing excellent IT and SEO services in Nepal. Our professional team of web development experts and SEO specialists is set to join hands with your business and give rise to your E-commerce business. We develop custom strategies that match well with your company and give our best to make your business reach on top. 


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E-commerce SEO In Nepal - A Quick Guide
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